Friday, July 27, 2012

Southern Vermont Lake Fishing

This time of the year I am back and forth between river fishing and lake fishing. This week I had an A-List Regular client on the lake for his second lake trip with me. Below are his comments: “Our rivers in Vermont are beautiful but all fishermen who visit Vermont should experience the Lakes in Southern Vermont. They are beautiful and have a biomass that is truly unbelievable. There is no better way during a short trip to Vermont to take advantage of the fishing opportunities that these lakes provide than fishing it with Chuck!” “When you fish the Lakes with Chuck it is good to be open to all of the types of fishing that the Lake provides. I prefer fly fishing and fishing rivers in particular, but I am a better fisherman and fly fisherman for the time I have spent with Chuck throwing jigs, tube lures, Champlain nymphs and shiners as well as casting flies to large fish on the Big Lake. “ Sincerely, Bruce Nelson